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Bruce Harper - Producer, Director
As President of Big City Films, Bruce oversees all operational and creative matters for the company as well as the development and execution of Big City Films’ business strategy and implementation of the company vision.

Bruce has over 25 years of live television production experience with daily newscasts and live sports events including: Detroit Tigers baseball, Detroit Pistons basketball and “Hockey Night in Canada.” He has also played an integral part in high-profile productions like Honda’s National Sales meeting, Kmart’s National Sales meeting and Miller Beer’s National Distributors meeting.

In 1991, Bruce wrote and produced “Never Lose Your Hope,” starring Jeff Daniels, transforming an idea into an Emmy award-winning Christmas special. Since “Never Lose Your Hope,” Bruce has written several television pilot scripts including: “Ellen Hill,” a light comedy about a talk show host in crisis; “Michael & Carl,” an urban comedy about two superheroes that try to save Detroit with no superpowers to save themselves; and “McMahon and Tate,” a workplace comedy about the advertising business. He has also written features scripts like: “Ray & Me,” a back in the day comedy about the first Black television station in the country, WGPR, and “The Simple Life,” a light comedy about a local sportscaster whose life gets turned upside down when his ex-girlfriend returns to town.

Bruce has also produced several television specials and documentaries including: “Shape up Michigan,” which aired on every television station in the state of Michigan. Among his documentary work is “Revisiting the Dream,” a fascinating look at the largest civil rights rally leading up to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s historic “I Have a Dream Speech,” first delivered in Detroit. Bruce’s Emmy award-winning documentary, “Band of Gold,” explores the musical world and professional fight for survival of Holland-Dozier-Holland, one of the industry’s most prolific songwriting teams and their quest to take control of their musical destiny. Bruce’s devotion to quality productions has resulted in critically-acclaimed television, specials and documentaries.

Prior to founding Big City Films, Bruce was employed by the nation’s first Black owned and operated television station.

Bruce was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan and attended the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

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